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Oregon Ground Water Association’s Fall Convention

Attorney Sarah Liljefelt and Paralegal Tara Jackson attended the Oregon Ground Water Association’s Fall Convention at the end of October. Tara’s team won fourth place in the annual golf tournament, winning machetes as part of their prize package! Tara also won the women’s long drive;… Continue reading

World Water Week 2017 in Stockholm, Sweden

The week of August 28 through September 1, 2017 is “World Water Week,” an international conference organized annually in Stockholm, Sweden that focuses on new thinking and positive action toward water-related challenges and their impact on the world’s environment, health, climate, economic and poverty reduction… Continue reading

Nevada Sets Deadline to File Vested Water Claims! New Legislative Act sets December 31, 2027 Deadline to File All Proof of Appropriations

The state of Nevada began regulating water use through the enactment of the water code in 1905.  Under the 1905 water code, statutory regulation for surface water began.  Later, in 1913 statutes came into play for artesian groundwater rights of use, and in 1939 we… Continue reading

Conjunctive Management of the Humboldt River Basin and Effects on Small Businesses

The State Engineer held informational meetings on July 17 through July 20, 2017 regarding its Preliminary Draft Humboldt River Conjunctive Management Regulations. The State Engineer is proceeding through administrative rulemaking process to define how Humboldt River Decreed water rights and groundwater rights will be conjunctively… Continue reading

Conjunctive Water Management Planning Underway in the Humboldt River Basin

The Nevada State Engineer is working on a plan to define how to conjunctively manage Humboldt River Decreed water rights hydrologically connected with groundwater rights. This plan will take form through an administrative rulemaking process and will affect many water right holders in and around… Continue reading

Walla Walla Subbasin Closed to New Groundwater Permits

The Oregon Water Resources Department (“OWRD”) issued amended rules designating the Walla Walla subbasin as a Serious Water Management Problem Area (“SWMPA”).[1] The amended rules, filed on May 22, 2017, specify new groundwater permits will not be issued in the SWMPA and new groundwater uses… Continue reading

Collective Aquifer Governance by Contract Presentation

Jakob Wiley presents his research on groundwater unitization and collective aquifer governance agreements to the GWAC

Law Clerk Jakob Wiley will be presenting on unitization approaches to aquifer governance at the next Groundwater Advisory Committee (“GWAC”) meeting held June 30, 2017. He will be presenting his research on voluntary aquifer governance agreements, focusing on aquifer governance rather than groundwater management. The… Continue reading

Schroeder Law Offices Plays Serious Water Games

Serious Water Games

  Schroeder Law Offices plays some serious water games, and so should you! Serious gaming is an emerging tool in negotiation, mediation, and water conflict. Serious water gaming acts is a way to share knowledge, interact in an engaging way, and build capacity to solve… Continue reading

Oregon Legislature Considers Bill to Fund Meters Measuring Groundwater Use

  The Oregon Task Force on Drought Emergency Response met throughout 2016 to propose statewide recommendations to address current and future water shortages throughout the State. One of the task force’s recommendations has been embodied in House Bill 3051,[1] which has garnered support from Democrats and… Continue reading

Proposed Water Law Changes in 2017

Water Law Changes

The upcoming 2017 Nevada Legislative Session includes proposed water law changes that could affect water rights users across the state. The 79th legislative session, which starts on February 6, 2017 and ends on June 5, 2017, contains a number of proposed water law changes. It… Continue reading

Groundwater Management Area created for East Snake Plain Aquifer

In a move he hopes will ease the most arduous administrative burden faced by the Idaho Department of Water Resources, Director Gary Spackman has created the state’s largest groundwater management area, encompassing the Eastern Snake River Plain Aquifer (ESPA) region. Hoping “to stop the drop”… Continue reading

Laura Schroeder and Therese Ure Present at the World Irrigation Forum in Chiang Mai, Thailand

The International Commission on Irrigation and Draining (ICID) hosted the World Irrigation Forum (WIF) in Chiang Mai, Thailand. The 2016 conference serves as the second annual forum. The intent of the World Irrigation Forum is to bring together all stakeholders in order to provide a platform for the world irrigation community to work to find… Continue reading

Montana Recognizes Interconnection of Groundwater and Surface Water Systems

The Montana Supreme Court recently issued its decision in the long fraught dispute about exempt groundwater wells. The ruling by the Montana Supreme Court in The Clark Fork Coalition v. Tubbs, will protect the rights of senior water users from exempt groundwater wells that often… Continue reading

How Safe is Your Drinking Water?

With the recent discoveries of lead in Portland Public Schools drinking water and the September 15th discovery at the University of Oregon, it becomes a reminder for us all to ensure that our groundwater supply is providing healthy and safe drinking water. According to the… Continue reading

Idaho Ground Water Management Area Public Meetings are Scheduled

Below, please see the ground water management public meeting schedule posted by the Idaho Department of Water Resources. Additional Information for Idaho Ground Water Management: IDWR’s website with the ESPA GWMA information: Director’s letter regarding ESPA GWMA: Map of Proposal:

New: Harney Valley Groundwater Area of Concern

Groundwater Area

The Oregon Water Resources Commission’s (OWRC’s) rulemaking for the Greater Harney Valley Groundwater Area of Concern (Area of Concern) became effective on April 15, 2016. The new regulations limit pending and new applications for groundwater use in the Malheur Basin. Citing concern over lowering groundwater… Continue reading

New Sustainable Groundwater Regulations

Groundwater Sustainability Plans

California’s Sustainable Groundwater Management Act Regulations Issued California’s Sustainable Groundwater Management Act (“SGMA”) was passed in 2014. The SGMA requires local agencies to bear the burden of creating, implementing, and enforcing Groundwater Sustainability Plans (“GSP”) in certain groundwater basins to manage the aquifer in a… Continue reading

Judge Grants Temporary Injunction on Mason and Smith Valley Curtailment

On February 3, 2015, the Nevada State Engineer issued Order 1250 curtailing 50% of all supplemental groundwater pumping for irrigation in both Mason and Smith Valleys. This action by the Nevada State Engineer was the first time curtailment of this magnitude has taken place in… Continue reading