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NWRA Free Water Conservation Ideas Sharing Forum

Are you interested in learning more about successful conservation tactics? The National Water Resources Association (“NWRA”) is hosting a free seminar! The seminar will take place on August 7, 2017 at the Genoveva Community Chavez Center in Santa Fe New Mexico, following the NWRA Western… Continue reading

Oregon Legislature Considers Bill to Fund Meters Measuring Groundwater Use

  The Oregon Task Force on Drought Emergency Response met throughout 2016 to propose statewide recommendations to address current and future water shortages throughout the State. One of the task force’s recommendations has been embodied in House Bill 3051,[1] which has garnered support from Democrats and… Continue reading

The Nevada Farm Bureau 2017 Policy Supporting Groundwater Management Plans

Water Year 2016

The Nevada Farm Bureau has adopted new and revised policies, which are available in their 2017 Policy Book. The policy positions were approved by farmer/rancher voting delegates at the general session of the 2016 Nevada Farm Bureau Annual Meeting. One important new policy adopted by… Continue reading

Laura Schroeder and Therese Ure Present at the World Irrigation Forum in Chiang Mai, Thailand

The International Commission on Irrigation and Draining (ICID) hosted the World Irrigation Forum (WIF) in Chiang Mai, Thailand. The 2016 conference serves as the second annual forum. The intent of the World Irrigation Forum is to bring together all stakeholders in order to provide a platform for the world irrigation community to work to find… Continue reading

Water Security Risk

By 2025, an estimated 1.8 billion people will live in areas plagued by water scarcity.  Two-thirds of the world’s population will be living in water-stressed regions where is there a water security risk. This issue is no longer relegated to the developing world! We as… Continue reading

“Use it or Lose it” Nevada’s Water in Times of Drought

    The July 2016 Nevada Lawyer Magazine focuses on drought conditions and features Schroeder Law Offices’ Attorney Therese Ure’s article, “Use It or Lose It:” for Nevada’s Water in Times of Drought. The article discusses Nevada Revised Statute 534.090, which has become known as… Continue reading

The End of the Prior Appropriation Doctrine?

The debate continues on the prior appropriation system. During the 2016 Family Farm Alliance Annual Conference, the Alliance’s 2015 report on the prior appropriation doctrine raised some debate. This debate, now focusing on Nevada’s prior appropriation system, was again raised in equal vigor during the… Continue reading

2016 Irrigation Season

Water Year 2016

Spring is approaching on the West Coast and we all know what this means: watering season!  Time to check your sprinkler systems for leaks, read and record meters, and make sure your system is ready for spring irrigation. Though forecasts were set for an “El… Continue reading

Nevada Drought Forum Releases Recommendations Report

Upon facing the fourth year of consecutive drought, the Nevada Drought Forum formed in April 2015 by Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval to assist with water resource challenges in the State of Nevada. The Forum was comprised of members representing various governmental and quasi-governmental agencies in… Continue reading

Adjudication Order 2016: Diamond Valley, Nevada

On October 16, 2015, the office of the State Engineer of the State of Nevada issued an Order of Adjudication for the public waters of Northern Nevada’s Diamond Valley. The past years’ drought has made vested water rights and claims in Eureka County an ongoing… Continue reading

Drought Aid in the West

  El Niño is gracing the West Coast of the United States and water watchers are enjoying relief from the past few years of drought, but the catch-up game may take longer than hopefuls could dream. Reports from the U.S. Climate Prediction Center indicate that… Continue reading

Restraining Order Halts Drought Curtailment

The Sacramento Superior Court of California on July 10, 2015, granted a TRO temporarily restraining the California State Water Resources Control Board’s drought curtailment action against certain senior water rights holders. The court held that the Board’s action violates due process rights and would cause irreparable harm. On… Continue reading

New Provisions to Combat Ongoing Drought in California

On March 27th, 2015, California Governor Edmund G. Brown signed into law a $1 Billion emergency drought package. The emergency legislation (AB 91 and 92) provides funding for drought relief as well as to critical water projects in the state. Governor Brown states that “[t]his… Continue reading

Rulemaking for Water Use Preference for Human Consumption and Stock Water Use in Klamath County; Comment Period Open

Oregon follows the Prior Appropriation principle for water use. The guiding principle of the Prior Appropriation Doctrine is “first in time, first in right.” Thus, water users with earlier priority dates may have their water use rights satisfied before junior water users, or may even… Continue reading

Klamath County Drought: Extension of Comment Period for Rulemaking

Earlier this month, the Oregon Water Resources Department announced in this press release that the Department would be submitting a second notice of proposed rulemaking, holding a second public hearing, and extending the comment period for proposed rules that grant preference for “human consumption” and… Continue reading

California Adopts Emergency Water Conservation Regulations

On July 15, the California State Water Boards passed Resolution No. 2014-0038 to adopt urban water control regulations. These regulations are aimed at conservation for urban residents, providing fines for using water inconsistent with the conservation measures. Among the measures aimed at curbing water use,… Continue reading