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Our Practice

We like to say, “We do EVERYTHING water!” This includes water rights due diligence reviews (Do you have what you think you have?), water title examination and updating, domestic and water utility use, water quality and quantity matters, permitting, litigation, agriculture water, and water land use matters, to name a few. Check out our Practice Area page for a more comprehensive list!

Representative Cases:
In our litigation practice, several cases have involved reported decisions with the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, Federal and State jurisdictions (including agency proceedings). Some of these are referenced on our Representative Cases page
Schroeder Law Offices represents a broad spectrum of clients of whom are individuals, to corporations, to governmental entities (cities, counties, irrigation districts, etc.). Some of our clients include individual farms, family farms, corporations, and municipal water users trying to obtain new water rights, purchase water and transfer it to their land, or protecting their use from competing interest. We assist others in compliance related matters and ensuring water is beneficially used to maximize production and efficiency. While this is not an inclusive list, some of our clients are noted (with their permission) on our Client page.
Speaking & Presentations:
Schroeder Law Offices enjoys presenting and speaking on water related topics. Our attorneys have spoken at various functions all over the states in which we practice, as well as internationally. A brief list of general topics in which we routinely present is provided in our Speaking and Presentations page, however, individual and group specific presentations are
routinely provided.
Water Law Stories:
Many have heard that water is for fighting over out West! Well, while many matters can be settled, sometimes litigation becomes necessary. William F. Schroeder, passing in 2015, has left us with a few memoirs about his water and public lands practice.