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Frequently Asked Questions

When I call Schroeder Law Offices will the fee meter start ticking?
What is a Screening Interview?
How does Schroeder Law Offices determine if its attorneys have a conflict and cannot represent me?
How much information do I give concerning the issue at the Screening Interview?
If I choose not to collect information or pay Schroeder Law Offices to obtain my water rights files can I still talk to an attorney?
When I talk to someone at Schroeder Law Offices is what I say confidential?
How will I know if an attorney at Schroeder Law Offices will help me?
Can I request a specific attorney that I want assigned to my Potential Client Conference?
What happens if Schroeder Law Offices has a conflict?
Will I be charged for the Potential Client Conference (PCC)?
Where does the Potential Client Conference (PCC) take place?
How long will the Potential Client Conference (PCC) take?
What is the goal of the Potential Client Conference (PCC)?
What happens after I talk to the attorney?
Will I be charged for the Potential Client Summary Letter (PCSL)?
After I have completed the Potential Client Conference (PCC) and Potential Client Summary Letter (PCSL) process, and received a fee agreement, do I have to hire Schroeder Law Offices?
Will the attorneys at Schroeder Law Offices continue to respond to my questions after the initial conference and summary letter is completed?
How do I retain an attorney to represent me at Schroeder Law Offices?
What is the usual retainer at Schroeder Law Offices?
How does Schroeder Law Offices decide on its hourly rates?
Does Schroeder Law Offices have flat fee payment arrangements?
Will Schroeder Law Offices represent me on a contingency basis?