Coming Events

This is a list of Schroeder Law Office Coming Events and Presentations. If you are interested in a special presentation for your organization see this partial list of topics. For more information or to schedule an educational event contact Mollie Finke in Portland at (503) 281-4100 or Alyssa Holland in Reno at (775) 786-8800.

Event Information:

  • Fallon Meeting to Address Allocation Reductions

    Tired of entities and governments chipping away at your Newlands Project water rights? Schroeder Law Offices will host an informational meeting for water users in the Newlands Project. The meeting will address reduced water allocations pursuant to OCAP regulations governing the Truckee – Carson Irrigation District. These reductions may be actionable in court as a breach of contract or an illegal “taking” of property for public use.

    Project water users that would like to learn more or that may be interested in participating with a group of water users to pursue these causes of action are invited to attend the meeting. It will be held in from 6:00 – 8:00 pm on March 4, 2009 in the Commissioners' Chambers of the Churchill County Administrative Complex, 155 N. Taylor Street, Fallon. There is no charge for the meeting and additional information will be provided at that time.